A college where the gospel influences change.

St. Louis Christian College (SLCC) is creating Christian leaders who have the experience to proclaim the Gospel in a broken world.

SLCC is located on a beautiful oasis campus in the metro area of St. Louis, making it the perfect place for all types of ministry development.

Whether God is calling you to urban, suburban, rural, or global ministry, SLCC is the place to answer His calling.

Creating Christ-like Change. Graduating Christian Leaders.

SLCC is Your Gateway to Change the World!

Want to know more about St. Louis Christian College? Watch this short video.

This 2021 video features President Terry Stine and Kelsey Ford, Director of Admissions, sharing about St. Louis Christian College with the local Grow In Flo show. They discuss what makes SLCC a great place to rise above.

Rated among the most affordable Bible Colleges in America.

According to Institutional Research & Evaluation Inc., the national average cost of attending college is $42,549. The average cost of attending SLCC for a full-time, resident student with a 2.5 GPA is $13,960, saving you $28,589.

“Coming to St. Louis Christian College has been a huge blessing in my life. I am an international student from Brazil. I came to SLCC because I wanted to learn more about Christ and fulfill the plans that God has in my life. My journey as a Christian has grown and I have developed a closer relationship with God. Everyone at SLCC has been so welcoming and I count it a privilege to be here.”

-Eduardo DaSilva

“One of the biggest benefits of attending SLCC—and one of the things I love most about teaching here—is the opportunity to connect with students on a highly personal level. Our small class sizes, family groups, and student mentoring are ways we can impact students’ lives in a way you can’t experience at a huge university. Relationships are the key to leadership and ministry. We are honored to be such a key part of students’ lives, especially when making job referrals and connections.”

-Kent Sanders
Professor of Communication Arts

“17 years ago, I left SLCC to start a family and start the process of healing from my past. 2020, the year of the global pandemic ,was the year God called me back to SLCC to finish my Worship Arts degree. God has been working in my life from day one! I’m looking forward to continuing where I left off. This time, following His lead completely.”

-Becky Ray

Men’s Day and Ladies’ Day Postponed until 2022

After much prayer and checking projected national, state, and local restrictions due to COVID-19, we decided it was in the best interest for the safety of our supporters, staff, and students that we cancel the Men’s Day and Ladies’ Day events this year.  We have rescheduled for 2022.

Would you consider sending your generous gift for student scholarships.?  The need has not changed, and the use of these gifts will remain the same. Please prayerfully consider involving your small group, Sunday School class, and congregation to send a special gift earmarked for “student scholarships”. Our goal this spring is $100,000 ($50,000 from Men’s Day and $50,000 from Ladies’ Day). These scholarships help keep student loan indebtedness at a minimum.

We are thankful to each one who has sent a gift and for those joining them in providing scholarships for our students.  Thank you!

SLCC Estate Planning Webinars

a straightforward process to designing your legacy plan

The Called to Serve Podcast

The Called to Serve podcast explores the stories of leaders who have made a difference by answering God’s call to serve. Through conversations with mission-driven leaders, you’ll discover how they discovered their calling, overcame challenges and obstacles, and what they learned along the way. Called to Serve is hosted by Kent Sanders, Professor of Communication Arts at SLCC. New episodes release every other Friday.

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