Institutional Goals

To create an environment that allows the College’s educational processes to operate at their maximum effectiveness, St. Louis Christian College is committed to the following institutional objectives. These objectives are supported by specific programs and policies in the SLCC Institutional Assessment Plan:

  • Transformational Curriculum— We offer life-changing coursework. Learners will be enrolled in programs of study that (1) maximize abilities and giftedness, (2) logically develop understanding, and (3) promote an appreciation of how the biblical truths interact with the liberal arts and professions to form a worldview that correctly discerns truth and teaches respect for God and mankind.
  • Leadership Mentoring— We develop leaders. Learners will have the support of personnel and organizations that seek to develop a caring environment, provide appropriate counsel, and encourage involvement for the purpose of maturing individuals who will become leaders in local churches and service organizations.
  • Nurturing Environment— We minister to students. Caring individuals, who demonstrate an understanding of personal circumstances and needs, will provide the learners with an attractive physical environment and support services that reduce distractions and maximize the learning experience.
  • Reliable Information— We offer guidance for making life decisions. Qualified potential learners will become acquainted with and enrolled in the institution by receiving thorough, accurate information and assistance in a respectful and timely fashion.


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