Our Mission

St. Louis Christian College pursues excellence in the Word and develops servant leaders for urban, suburban, rural, and global ministry.

What does this mission mean?

ST. LOUIS… Located in St. Louis County in Florissant, Missouri, St. Louis Christian College has the benefit of being within minutes of vibrant churches, work opportunities, multiple education institutions, and cultural experiences.

CHRISTIAN COLLEGE… Founded and primarily sustained by members of Christian Churches with a Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement heritage, this institution of higher education integrates biblical, general, and professional studies with practical experience.

PURSUES… College requires a serious commitment. We employ every possible means to accomplish our mission. We move forward in action to see our students succeed.

EXCELLENCE… Superiority in achievement is at the heart of everything we do on our campus.

IN THE WORD… The Word of God defines who we are and what we do.

AND DEVELOPS… Education is a pilgrimage and a journey. The development process that takes places in our students takes discipline and time.

SERVANT LEADERS… A servant leader has an understanding of ministry developed from the example and teaching of Christ. It is a hands-on approach to ministry that is willing to get dirty and serve in the darkest places to make a Kingdom difference around the world.

FOR URBAN, SUBURBAN, RURAL, AND GLOBAL MINISTRY… We prepare our alumni for ministry wherever God calls them.