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“St. Louis Christian College has helped me deepen my knowledge of the Bible and continues to push me to grow in my own spiritual journey.”

Sarah Sanders

St. Louis Christian College prepares biblical servant leaders for urban, suburban, rural, and global ministry.

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Career Networking

At St. Louis Christian College we are proactive about helping our students meet church leaders, business leaders and alumni who serve the Lord Jesus in various capacities. Through our Connect initiative, we introduce our students to leaders in a third of their courses by providing face-to-face encounters with guest lecturers. This enables students to make connections that may last a lifetime!We all know that finding a job can sometimes boil down to who you know. Connect kick-starts the process by helping students accelerate the networking process. By building connections in college, students are given the opportunity to interact with experienced professionals in their field of study, and perhaps even future co-workers and employers. It also assists students when considering potential mentors and internship locations. Ultimately, Connect helps a student position him/herself for the next phase of life after college.