Ministry Formation (Compass)

Ministry Formation (Compass)

Preparation for ministry is based on a two-fold approach at St. Louis Christian College.  We are committed to providing the highest quality classroom instruction possible.  At the same time, we ensure that each student, whether intending to be involved in vocational ministry or not, also integrates practical field experience into his or her education.  Compass is designed to serve as a necessary complement to the classroom instruction of students. Compass provides a coordinated structure in which students are involved in meaningful spiritual formation and ministry experiences. The primary objective of the program is that students glorify God by ministering among believers and nonbelievers both within and outside the campus community.

Compass consists of four separate areas of development in the lives of students.  The program can be understood by orienting to a compass:

  • North represents “nurture” (students are encouraged to join family groups)

  • South represents “service” (students participate in Lab Week each Spring)

  • East represents “educate” (students attend workshops each semester:  Global Influence in Missions & Boatman Leadership Intensive)

  • West represents “worship” (students attend and participate in both chapel and a local church)

Participation in Compass is required for graduation. Students register for Compass each term on a Pass/Fail basis and are regularly enrolled until graduation requirements are met. Students are evaluated in each of the developmental areas and must meet attendance requirements. Specific information about Compass, including course requirements, is published in the Compass course syllabus and is available at any time from the Compass Office.


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