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Traditional Day

Four-Year Bachelor Degrees

St. Louis Christian College educates Christians for ministry readiness. Every degree we offer is a Bible major with a specialization. Students will graduate with a solid biblical foundation, along with practical training in a chosen specialty.

Students can earn either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. The basic difference between the B.A. and the B.S. degree is that the language component of the B.A. degrees require 12 credit hours in foreign language.

Accelerated Three-Year Bachelor Degrees

Save money with a three-year degree program, get a job more rapidly

Your education just became more affordable because St. Louis Christian College offers three-year accelerated degrees in the traditional day program.

Three-fold Benefit:

  • Less time at school equals more savings to a student
  • Less time at school means a student reaches a ministry destination quicker (the ultimate goal gets met sooner)
  • Less time at school means a student enters the workforce quicker (begin earning money instead of spending it)

If graduating in three years appeals to you, an academic advisor can help you achieve your goal. Note, the Christian Ministry, Urban Missions, and Worship Arts major cannot be completed in three years.


Associate Degrees

St. Louis Christian College offers four Associates Degrees. Students may prefer to earn a two-year Associate of Arts degree in General Studies and then transfer to another institution of higher education.  In addition, the College offers three Associate of Applied Science degrees.

Majors available:

General Studies (A.A.)
Intercultural & Urban Missions (A.A.S.)

If you are considering one of these degrees, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.

Ministry Encounter

SLCC is committed to providing more experiential learning for our students. As a result, we are launching the Ministry Encounter program during the 2019-2020 academic year. Since SLCC develops servant leaders for urban, suburban, rural, and global ministry, students will be continually involved in various ministry settings (geographical context and church size) throughout the duration of their studies. Students will progress through the following plan:

  • Freshman year
    PFE 100 Ministry Formation (Compass) – 30 hours each semester observing (pass/fail course)
  • Sophomore year
    PFE 100 Ministry Formation (Compass) – 30 hours each semester serving (pass/fail course)
  • Summer after Sophomore year
    PMN 232 Ministry Exploration (Practicum) – 3 credit hours shadowing
  • Junior year, Fall semester
    PMN 341 Ministry Analysis 1 – 1 credit hour
  • Summer after Junior year
    PMN 342 Ministry Experience (Internship) – 3 credit hours leading
  • Senior year, Fall semester
    PMN 441 Ministry Analysis 2 – 1 credit hour
  • Senior year, Fall semester
    Students may apply for a semester long residency

Benefits of Ministry Encounter:

  • students will spend significant time in practical ministry experience with practitioners
  • students will be better prepared for moving into ministry
  • students will learn more about themselves and their career choice
  • students will build both a relational network and resumé that will aid them for employment
  • students will gain knowledge of what is entailed in various church settings

Certificates & CEUs

Our alternative programs function as low-cost alternatives to receiving a degree. The certificates are designed for non-degree seeking students who desire to learn biblical knowledge and Christian leadership at a fraction of the cost.

In order for a greater number of men and women to access the educational opportunities provided by St. Louis Christian College, the following certificate options are available in the day college program.

Certificates available:

If you are considering one of these certificates, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.

Transfer in Associate’s Degree

The mission of the Christian Ministry Major is to equip students who desire to conduct bi-vocational ministries for effective Christian leadership in the church and the world. St. Louis Christian College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministry to transfers who have completed an Associates Degree from another institution of higher education that contains 27 hours of courses in a specified general education core, 15 hours of general education electives, and 24 hours of other courses.  Any outstanding hours from that 66 would still need to be completed either at SLCC or at another college.

Major available:

If you are considering this degree, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.

Logos Bible Software

PMN 120 Introduction to Logos Bible Software

This course provides a hands-on approach in teaching skills necessary to utilize Logos Bible Software. This is a key prerequisite to all Bible courses. All incoming students (full-time and part-time) will be required to take the 1-credit hour course. The College provides the Logos software to the students. 

Benefits Include

  • All Bible courses will include integration of Logos, which will enhance student learning.
  • All students earning a bachelor degree at SLCC will get to take the Logos Bible software with them, which will enhance lifelong learning.
  • The Logos package our students receive contains over 300 resources.
  • Logos is 100% web based, so students can access Logos from any computer. All features, however, are not accessible unless downloaded to a computer.

Some Things to Think About

  • Only SLCC who graduate with a bachelor degree are allowed to take their Logos license with them. Thus, until graduation, students should think of this arrangement as a “rental” because all students who leave SLCC before graduation will forfeit the license given to them.
  • Being able to take a laptop to Bible courses will be very beneficial for students.
  • Logos is not fully functional on a Chromebook. To access the full program, students need to be able to download and install the program.