Children's Ministry

Program Description:

The Children’s Ministry degree is designed to prepare students to serve children (age birth to 5th grade) in educational ministries in local churches and parachurch organizations. The course material in this field of study addresses skills in program development, curriculum planning, volunteer recruitment and training, classroom management, leadership, and teaching and mentoring skills.

Career Opportunities:

  • Children’s Minister
  • Teacher assistant/employee in parachurch organizations such as daycares and residential homes
  • Director of Children’s Ministry
  • Child Care Specialist in various non-profit organizations
  • Camp Director

What you study:

  • Creative Teaching Methods
  • Human Development
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Educational Psychology
  • Leadership & Management
  • Ethics & Leadership
  • Christian Education Administration

Objectives for Graduates:

Students will be prepared for children’s ministry within the church and parachurch organizations through understanding:

  • Developmental programming, teaching methods, health and safety issues, and meeting the needs of the exceptional child.
  • Effective leadership in children’s ministry programs that unite families, communities, and the local church in meeting the spiritual needs of young children.


At St. Louis Christian College we are proactive about helping our students meet church leaders, business leaders and alumni who serve the Lord Jesus in various capacities. Through our Connect initiative, we introduce our students to leaders in a third of their courses by providing face-to-face encounters that will enable students to make connections that may last a lifetime!

We all know that finding a job can sometimes boil down to who you know. Connect kick-starts the process by helping students accelerate the networking process. By building connections in college, students are given the opportunity to meet future people resources, and perhaps even co-workers and future employers. It also assists students when considering future mentors and internship locations. Ultimately, Connect helps a student position him/herself for the next phase of life after college.