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Online Programs

Prepare for Ministry in a Flexible Environment

The online asynchronous program is for students who do not wish to study at predetermined times. “Asynchronous” learning takes place without real-time interaction and often appeals to the student with an unconventional work schedule. It may also be attractive to the student who can only find time without distraction late at night (“night owl”). In an asynchronous learning model, instruction takes place in many forms (e.g., pre-recorded videos). Furthermore, there is regular email communication with instructors, online discussion boards, and instructional materials that will enhance the student’s education.

The online program features five sessions per year (Jan, Mar, June, Aug, Oct), each taught for eight weeks. Students enroll in one or two courses at a time and may start their program at the beginning of any session, but must take a one-week orientation course to begin.

SLCC has a cooperative arrangement with sister college Central Christian College of the Bible (CCCB). Courses are hosted on CCCB’s Canvas Learning Management System. Here’s what it means to our students:

  • Students of both SLCC and CCCB take many courses together, resulting in larger class sizes and better discussion forums.
  • All courses will be taught by both SLCC and CCCB professors/instructors.
  • Logos Bible Software is incorporated into courses.
  • Students will be given access to both SLCC and CCCB library resources.

Online students receive advisement from the Online Learning Coordinator prior to each session to discuss academic progress and planning. If you have questions about any of the online programs, you may contact the Online Learning Coordinator, Professor Bill Thomas.

If you are considering one of these degrees, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.

Online Programs General Information
10 Qualities of Successful Online Students

The new online program has been a great experience for me. I now have access to more instructors, students, and resources to help advance my education. The discussion forums help facilitate learning through insightful engagement with other students. We share what we are learning about God and the world around us, what our past experiences have been, and how we can better serve the kingdom. I would encourage anyone that is interested in a quality online Christian education to check out SLCC’s program.
Lucas Schellhammer