Center for Student Success


The Center for Student Success ("The Hundred") provides assistance to students in several ways. Trained peer and faculty mentors provide  academic support that helps students complete homework and study for tests. In order to assist students in overcoming obstacles that interfere with school work and class attendance, The Hundred also helps students to access community resources for physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, and financial needs. The Hundred provides computer access and website resources to assist students in accessing academic materials for class assignments and living resources to meet daily challenges.

To increase student retention, The Hundred provides peer mentoring assistance, faculty mentoring, and professional counseling to help students address academic and emotional/relational issues. As mentoring and counseling advocates, Hundred personnel work individually, in groups (study and support), and through educational seminars to help students to become confident in their ability to complete their classes, earn course credits, and obtain their desired degree.

If you need assistance, please email Professor Alice Perrey -


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