Shari Borders


Children's Ministry


  • Graduate


  • Female

  • Where do you serve?
    • I have been serving as Children’s Pastor at Gateway Christian Church in St. Louis, Missouri, since January of 2002.
  • What ministry degree did you receive at SLCC?
    • I received a Bachelor of Science in Church Music, Class of 1986.
  • How long have you been in vocational ministry?
    • I began serving part-time as the worship/music leader at a small church for about 6 months right after graduation. I then started a full-time job with the Missouri Division of Youth Services with weekend hours, so could no longer serve. After getting married, I volunteered with my husband, Russ, with the teens and wherever needed at Red Brush Christian Church in Louisville, Illinois. After leading several VBS programs with great success, a group of volunteers approached the elders about hiring a youth leader. After a several-month search and the realization that the church couldn’t afford to bring someone in, I was asked to serve as the part-time Youth Coordinator, overseeing birth – high school at Red Brush Christian Church in 1991. I served there for just over four years, served as the Children’s Minister at First Christian Church of Fairfield, Ilinois, for 6+ years, and have been at Gateway ever since.
  • How did SLCC prepare you for ministry?
    • My time at SLCC was a time of great growth for me. I enjoyed the academics of school, learning the Bible and church history in exciting and challenging ways. And yes, I have referred back to my college class notes over the years when I encounter a question or situation I studied while at school! The opportunity to travel in Sounds of Praise and choir to a myriad of churches around the country allowed me to see God’s servants in many different settings, doing His work the best they knew how. It instilled in me that there is not just one right solution for every challenge. If one thing doesn’t work, try, try again! I also learned how to live, work and grow with people from many different backgrounds, which has served me well over the years. One of the most important things instilled in me was to say “YES!” when God calls, even when it doesn’t seem to make earthly sense. He has called me into ministry that I did not specifically train for at SLCC, but was prepared for, nonetheless.
  • How do you encourage teens and adults to consider Bible college?
    • Since I am now in Kid’s Ministry, we begin with kids at a young age doing service projects and opening their eyes to needs around the world. We look at the Great Commission often, discussing and discovering the unique abilities of each child, and encouraging him or her to use those however God leads, including Bible college.


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