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Bible Knowledge


Certificate Description

The Bible Knowledge Certificate is designed to give an in-depth knowledge of the Bible to those who are seeking a biblical education without the degree. Students can receive a Certificate in Bible Knowledge for a fraction of the for-credit cost. In some cases, these certificate classes may count as continuing education units. Certificate classes do not award college credit.

Each certificate course is $210.
Classes are offered remotely on Zoom (Tuesday evenings) from 6-10 pm.

What You Study

Bible Knowledge Certificate— this continuing education certificate is awarded to students who satisfactorily complete 30 continuing education units in prescribed adult evening courses. Each of the following courses provide three (3) continuing education units:

  • OT Survey or NT Survey
  • Life of Christ
  • History of Israel I
  • Hermeneutics
  • Evangelism & Discipleship
  • Old Testament Prophets
  • General Epistles
  • Pauline Epistles
  • Romans
  • Christian Theology

If you are considering working towards the Certificate in Bible Knowledge, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.