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Bill Thomas, MA

Professor of Christian Education, History, and English
Online Learning Coordinator

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MA, Johnson University (New Testament Exposition & Preaching)
BTh, Manhattan Christian College (Theology)
BS, University of Kansas (Education- Language Arts)

What I love about the St. Louis metropolitan area
“Being from Kansas City, I’m a Royals and Chiefs fan. St. Louis, however, is an incredible place. The baseball history here is amazing. A ballgame at Busch Stadium is a memorable time and the St. Louis Blues hockey team is outstanding. Not only are professional sports great here, but there is a rich cultural heritage as well. The museums at Forest Park are outstanding and I love the Civil War Museum at Jefferson Barracks.”

“I was immediately impressed by Professor Thomas’ humbleness, his love for God’s creation, and his love for God. What outstanding attributes to have when you are in position to affect and be effective in the life of people you come in contact with. His personality and character is above reproach. I have been truly blessed by Professor Thomas, he has been ever so encouraging, inspiring and caring about my well-being.  He has had a tremendous impact on me as a person in my walk with Christ from a personal level and has shown me what it looks like to love God’s people and to extend that grace to others.”

Edward Stewart