Certificates & Continuing Education Units

Certificates & Continuing Education Units

Our alternative programs function as low-cost alternatives to receiving a degree. The certificates are designed for non-degree seeking students who desire to learn biblical knowledge and Christian leadership at a fraction of the cost.

In order for a greater number of men and women to access the educational opportunities provided by St. Louis Christian College, we offer two types of certificates. Certificates for credit are 15 credit hours each (five courses). Upon completion of a certificate, a student may continue by enrolling in a degree program or by working towards another certificate. All courses count towards either the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Biblical Studies or the Bachelor Degree in Christian Ministry.

Certificates available (for credit):

We also offer certificates (not for credit) that can function as continuing education units (CEUs). Each certificate consists of ten courses. Because these are not for credit, students only pay $185 per course.

Certificates available (CEU’s not for credit):

If you are considering one of these certificates, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.