Christian Ministry

Program Description

The Christian Ministry degree is designed to equip students for effective Christian leadership in the church and around the world. The course material will prepare students for ministry in churches, parachurch organizations, campus ministry, mission settings, and many more.

Two options are available. Students with no prior coursework may first complete the Associate of Applied Science degree in Ministry Studies and then enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry. Students who have completed prior coursework may find the Degree Completion option best. The Degree Completion is designed for a student who has completed an Associates Degree or Bachelor Degree from another institution of higher education and has completed 45 General Education Hours and up to 30 Open Electives.  Any outstanding requirements from that 75 would still need to be completed either at SLCC or at another college.

Career Opportunities

  • Church Ministry
  • Campus Ministry
  • Church Camp Director
  • Missionary
  • Chaplain

What You Study

  • Christian Theology
  • Introduction to Counseling
  • Faith & Money
  • Biblical Concepts of Leadership
  • Foundations for a Biblical Worldview

Objectives for Graduates

  • The student will demonstrate the ability to accurately communicate biblical principles.
  • The student will demonstrate a growing ability to lead people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • The student will demonstrate an understanding of the skills required to lead and administrate ministry initiatives.

Degrees Offered

Program Contact Information

Professor Kent Sanders 
Director of Online Learning | Professor of Communication Arts

If you are considering working towards the Christian Ministry degree, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.

“SLCC’s online program has given me the flexibility to take classes while still spending time with my family, working, and serving in my church. The courses have challenged me to grow deeper in understanding God’s Word and how it applies to my ministry, while also helping me grow my own walk with God. I highly encourage anyone considering biblical higher education to check out SLCC’s online program!”

Luke Schellhammer