Educational Goals

Although bachelor-degree students pursue any of several different programs based upon their choice of second (ministry) majors, all degree programs share certain common goals. Those common goals are expressed in the following list of Student Learning Objectives. These objectives are supported by specific course assignments and performance standards identified in the SLCC Instructional Assessment Program Plan. Upon completion of their program of study at St. Louis Christian College, the graduates will …

  1. Be capable and reliable communicators of the Bible. Therefore the academic program at SLCC focuses on developing students’ communication and vocational skills.
  2. Possess a permanent thirst for wisdom. Therefore SLCC promotes academic excellence and seeks to develop in students a desire for personal enrichment and lifelong learning.
  3. Responsibly manage financial and other resources for family and professional conduct. Therefore SLCC fosters in students a mature understanding of stewardship.
  4. Possess unimpeachable character. Therefore the program at SLCC fosters in students habits of accountability and integrity.
  5. Know how to initiate change. Therefore SLCC focuses on developing skills appropriate for leadership in a changing world.
  6. Go anywhere in the world and do any ministry they believe God has called them to perform. Therefore SLCC focuses on advancing students’ gifts for ministry and challenging students to develop a global perspective on their life’s work.
  7. Practice servant leadership on the model of Jesus, addressing the practical issues of racism, poverty, political powerlessness, and spiritual need among the world’s disenfranchised, both urban and rural. Therefore SLCC promotes leadership models that focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual human needs in the wider community and around the world, as well as in students’ local churches.
  8. Engage modern, global, pluralistic, diverse cultures from the standpoint of a robust Biblical worldview. Therefore the SLCC curriculum aims to integrate thought and life across a broad range of knowledge.
  9. Know how to partner with other Christians without compromising our commitment to restore New Testament Christianity. Therefore SLCC promotes the spiritual heritage of the Restoration Movement, especially its twin goals of the “restoration of the ancient order of things” and unity among all believers.
  10. Enthusiastically support the values, goals, personnel, and programs of the college. Through its programs and activities, therefore, SLCC encourages among students the practice of community, mutual accountability, shared loyalties, and a service ethic.