Making College Affordable

Understanding the total cost of earning a degree is very important. Equally important is analyzing the return on your investment in achieving that degree. Simply put, can you afford to get the degree you are thinking about at the college you are considering?

At SLCC we have made a commitment to low tuition with a biblical worldview, enabling you to afford your degree and put you on track to your desired career. By doing our part to keep costs low and quality high, we are the perfect value for your degree. 

At SLCC we provide you with sound financial planning assistance to help you optimize your financial plan for college affordability. Combining federal financial aid for qualified individuals and a variety of national, state, and local scholarships which are potentially available, our team will help you build your financial plan for college and life success!

You will not be wasting your time or money by attending St. Louis Christian College.

Still undecided? Here are some other tips to help you with your financial plan, ensuring college is affordable for you.

  • Contact your employee benefits department and inquire about the tuition reimbursement policy.
  • Document credits you have earned from other colleges and contact the Office of Admissions to determine their transfer eligibility. SLCC has a generous policy to provide credit for your past work, whether it be previous college coursework or life experience.
  • Search for local and church scholarships.
  • Call us at 314-837-6777 x1101 to evaluate both federal and state student aid and loan options.
  • Put together a detailed monthly budget to determine the impact any out-of-pocket payments may have on your budget.

To learn more about financing your education and planning to graduate debt free, call our financial aid department at 314-837-6777 x1101.


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