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General Studies


Program Description

The Associate of Arts degree in General Studies is designed to meet the needs of students who prefer an alternative to SLCC’s four-year programs. This degree provides opportunities for students to choose the educational goal of a two-year degree or to transfer these credits to other colleges or universities with whom SLCC has a transfer agreement. The Associate of Arts degree in General Studies provides basic courses in Bible and Theology as well as general education courses such as mathematics, science, history, psychology, and philosophy.

What You Study

  • English Composition
  • General Psychology
  • American History
  • Personal Finance
  • Life Science
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Speech
  • … and many biblical courses

Objectives for Graduates

  • Given instruction in the English language and in composition, the student will demonstrate the ability to write effectively and will be able to use a variety of research and documentation techniques
  • Upon completion of the study of literature and philosophy, the student will be able to analyze major works of literature and will be able to understand the differences between Christianity and other world religions
  • With the completion of college-level mathematics and science courses, the student will demonstrate an understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts from a Christian perspective
  • Given instruction in the social and behavioral sciences, the student will be able to identify and evaluate the interrelationships among individuals and organizations.

Degrees Offered

Associate of Arts

Program Contact Information

Professor Alice Perrey
Professor of Developmental Studies

If you are considering working towards the General Studies degree, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.