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Intercultural Ministry


Program Description

The Intercultural Ministry degree is designed to prepare mission leaders in cross-cultural ministries. This degree provides graduates with the education and skills for ministry and missions work in diverse world settings. The course material in this field of study trains students on how to minister in today’s multicultural world, equipping graduates to minister to other cultures with skills to help win people of other religions to Christ, as well as aiding in church planting in various cultures.

All students in the Intercultural Ministry program will take a short-term missions trip (2 weeks) after the conclusion of their freshman year, and a long-term missions trip (10 weeks) at the conclusion of their junior year.

Career Opportunities

  • Multi-cultural and/or global social services
  • Cross-cultural church planting
  • Missions work

What You Study

  • Intercultural Communication
  • Introduction to World Missions
  • Intercultural Training in Missions
  • Missionary’s Life and Work
  • World Religions
  • Major Issues in Intercultural & Urban Missions
  • Community Development

Objectives for Graduates

  • The student will understand biblical and other foundational elements basic to intercultural ministry.
  • The student will demonstrate interpersonal relationship skills of relating to and working in harmony with people.
  • The student will understand programming and teaching methods appropriate to intercultural ministry.
  • The student will be equipped to initiate and administrate an effective intercultural ministry that connects families, the local church, and the community to meet the spiritual needs of the city.

If you are considering working towards the Intercultural Ministry degree, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.

“I absolutely loved my experience at SLCC. Being there gave me so much practical knowledge that still impacts the decisions I make as a missionary almost a decade later. I could tell many of the professors and staff members put so much effort into making sure students had the best experience they could. It has really helped to shape my life and I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to attend SLCC.”

David Peterka