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Worship Band Musician

This is a summer position that runs June 6th- August 15th. Applicants must also be available for staff training May 23rd-June 5th.

About Camp Cho-Yeh
Camp Cho-Yeh exists to be a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures. Cho-Yeh is located in the piney woods of East Texas and is in a perfect spot to serve the surrounding area in camp ministry. We are looking for young men and women with a committed faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to work in the outdoors and love campers with the unconditional love of Christ. Cho-Yeh staff positions are challenging day to day, but provide tremendous growth on a personal and spiritual level.


Develop meaningful relationships with campers, effectively lead age appropriate musical worship, fill essential recreation roles each afternoon, and assist with camp programming in general. To uphold the mission of Cho-Yeh in word and action.

Essential Job Functions:

Lead musical worship with a team of musicians during the following events:

-As needed during staff training.
-Daily for camper Pathfinder (junior high) and Sojourner (high school) Bible Study.
-Each week during Lifesong (Pathfinder/Sojourner evening program).
-A couple evenings each week for Sojourner programs.
-As needed for Epic weekend programs
-Lead musical portions of Camper Opening and Closing Cho-grams.

Other Responsibilities:

-Become a part of cabin life each camp session (adopt a cabin, choose a cabin group to eat with, etc.).
-Fill a position at an activity each day as a lifeguard or challenge course facilitator (depending upon training).
-Manage and care for equipment as it pertains to music production.
-Provide an environment of safety, caring, and encouragement for all campers.
-Communicate with supervisors about equipment needs in a timely manner.
-Provide support and accountability for fellow staff in the band.
-Communicate with campers, parents, supervisors, and fellow staff in a professional manner.
-Perform other duties as assigned or reassigned.


-Must be 18 years of age at the time of employment, at least one year through college preferred.
-Must be able to negotiate hilly terrain, rustic trails, and walk several miles per day.
-Must possess the stamina to carry out camp programs in hot and humid East Texas climate over an extended period of time.
-Must possess visual and auditory abilities to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to camp activity.
-Must demonstrate strong moral and Christian values and set an example of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a daily basis.
-Must have musical skill and background with proficiency in at least one instrument (including voice), multiple proficiencies preferred.
-Must be willing to teach devotions consistent with Cho-Yeh’s Statement of Faith and organizational beliefs.
-Must possess the ability to communicate and work with groups of all ages and skill levels in order to provide necessary instruction to campers.
-Must be able to observe camper behavior, evaluate its appropriateness, and enforce and implement appropriate behavior management techniques.
-Must maintain a positive attitude and provide a positive environment for campers.
-Strong awareness and commitment to preventing, detecting, and responding to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

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