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Ministry Context

Beaumont, Texas is located in southeast Texas near the Louisiana state line and the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 90 miles east of Houston.  Beaumont and surrounding areas are stable economically with much industry based in the petro-chemical sector.  The population is diverse, which is a source of struggle for the community at times, and an opportunity for God’s people.   The community could be considered “Bible belt” in many ways, with many congregations of various backgrounds throughout. There remains a great opportunity, however, as many have very little church experience and knowledge about God, and others have some experience and knowledge, but are not active in faith.

Church Background

Christ Covenant Church was formed in 2005 as a merger between an Independent Christian Church and a Church of Christ in Beaumont, TX.  With its theological and doctrinal roots in the Restoration Movement, Christ Covenant Church began a significant shift in ministry philosophy and approach.  The Lead Minister and Elders of the church gathered and determined that while the church’s goal was to make “more and better disciples” of Jesus, the current ministry approach was not accomplishing those goals.  What followed was a concerted and unified effort to seek God’s guidance and implement a vision that not only better reflected God’s desires for the congregation, but also would be more effective in bringing people to Jesus and maturing disciples of Christ.

The initial steps in revising the ministry approach consisted of implementing a new “scorecard” by which ministry efforts would be guided and success judged.  While the church unofficially had long worked under the “ABC” scorecard (Attendance, Buildings, Cash) a new scorecard of “Obedience, Community, and Mission” was communicated and implemented.  In other words, Christ Covenant Church should always be growing in Obedience to God through the Word and the Holy Spirit, should always be building Community, both between brothers and sisters in Christ and inclusive of those who do not yet know Jesus, and increasingly active in Mission that is incarnational, holistic, and a part of every aspect of our lives.

Additionally, the congregation transitioned from an attractional/extractional mode of ministry to an incarnational/sent modality.  This was based on the conclusions that the desire is to see numerical growth not based on transfer growth, but rather new people coming to faith in Jesus.  To accomplish that goal in the culture of the surrounding community, the church would have to take the good news of Jesus to the community rather than waiting on the community to come to the church.  Based on this philosophy, a group of approximately 15 men and women met weekly for over six months to discern how we might engage our congregation in this newly-established vision.  After months of prayer, study, and discussion, two “Koinonia Groups” were established.  “The Network” was designed to connect people who were engaged in unique mission contexts as individuals and families, and “The Neighborhood” was focused on serving a specific neighborhood in the community.  Both groups were designed to facilitate growth in obedience, community, and mission.  Through those groups the church experienced a renewed transformation in relationships and mission focus.  While the primary success of those groups was enrichment of relationships and an increased opportunity for serving others, the church celebrated as some came to faith in Christ for the first time.  Since the start of the transition, Christ Covenant Church is better oriented towards an external focus and more completely embraces the importance of community in for discipleship, and better embodies the primary vocation of all Christians as missionary disciple makers.

While Christ Covenant Church would be considered a small church with less than 100 active congregants, the church is continuing the incredible spiritual transformation that has taken place and is poised for numeric growth moving forward.  Christ Covenant Church has a strong and mature leadership core that understands that the success of the church is not dependent on one or two professional ministers, but on the church family as a whole.

Christ Covenant Church suffered great loss from Hurricane Harvey both on an individual and corporate level.  Several families sustained multiple feet of water in their homes.  The church facility sustained approximately 20 inches of water and lost most of the furnishings throughout the building.  The church engaged in the rebuild process almost exclusively using volunteers.  Now Christ Covenant Church has an up-to-date facility that is a wonderful tool for the congregation, and hopefully for others as the asset is maximized for the glory of God.

Now is the perfect time to join the staff of Christ Covenant Church.  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the leadership team began planning the launch of a new season of small groups and church-wide focus.  During the pandemic the congregation has been active and engaged in online live-streams and Bible studies, as well as connecting in other creative ways.  In the coming months, there is a wonderful opportunity to design ministry programming that can be established for the short and long-term according to the mission and vision of Christ Covenant Church and God’s unique call for this congregation. The position comes with the permission to try, to fail, and to try again. The congregation is loving, strong, committed, and willing to participate in new and innovative ideas.  This is truly exciting time for Christ Covenant Church.

Ministry Position Description – Lead Minister

The ministry position at Christ Covenant Church is a unique opportunity to lead a church using personal gifts and strengths as a part of a strong ministry and leadership team.  The minister will work in partnership with current staff, elders, and a leadership team compiled of congregation members that has been a great asset in the planning and execution of ministry vision and events. This position will allow the minister to influence the overall vision and the specifics of ministry activities, while leading in the day-to-day pastoral duties. Duties will include preaching, teaching, pastoring, and primary influence of ministry programming and activities. This ministry position will include staff oversight and administration.

Christ Covenant Church is seeking a minister with a vision of ministry congruent with our missional philosophy, and with the ability to envision and help execute specific ministry activities based on that vision.  A successful candidate will have a pastor’s heart, a servant’s outlook, and a desire to help bring a church to it’s God-intended potential in making more and better disciples of Jesus.

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