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Contact: Becky Halcomb · 513-405-6977

Ministry Area:  Discipleship Time Commitment:  Full-time
Position Title: Director of Student Ministry Accountable to:  Senior Minister
Gift Set:  Leadership, Teaching, Administration Date:  April, 2021

Ministry Role: This position focuses on providing leadership in Student Ministry and programs.  This oversight includes working with and equipping staff and volunteers for this ministry, pastoring students and parents participating in this ministry, and attracting those who are not.

Specific Responsibilities:

Casts and executes a vision, aligned with Community Christian’s mission and values, for creating environments that engage students in Community Christian’s mission and values.
Deliberate cultivation of Ministry Partners and Group Leaders that can serve as pastors for students, as an essential element for success. Communicating, equipping and empowering a volunteer core to carry out the significant areas of Student Ministry.
To cultivate in our students a desire for discipleship and a lifestyle of mission.
Possesses a natural heart for students and to deepen their relationship with Christ
Provide pastoral counsel and guidance to students, families and leaders.
To model high standards in your own personal, family, and devotion life.  To set a good example in the areas of relationships and responsible living.
This position may also require oversight of a Ministry Intern or Resident
This person should serve as the primary teacher for all 3C programming.
The content, creativity, and delivery of the messages are the heartbeat for all aspects of this ministry. As a result, we expect the candidate to be skilled at preaching/ teaching.
To collaborate with all other members of the church staff, effectively aligning with and complementing the church as a whole.
Responsible for coordinating ministry content for social media, print and on screen content.
Consistently sharing relevant information and inspiration to ministry volunteers, students and parents.
The Student Minister will be responsible for all aspects of regular Student Ministry programs.
Current aspects include but are not limited to:  Worship Band, Teaching, Creative Elements, Community Groups, Games and Activities etc.
Current programs include separate High School and Middle School specific programs.
Plan and execute weekly, seasonal, and annual events (camp, retreats, and outreach events)
Align all 3C programming with 3C mission and values.
Provide timely event details, calendar updates, as well as proper use of database, and internal communication technology.
Maintain a database to organize student programs and events.
Execute an assimilation strategy focused on making guests feel welcome.
Responsible for Student Ministry budget oversight and management.

Talents or Abilities Desired:  Good role model, Ability to communicate well with all ages.

Personality Traits:  Heart for Students, Energetic, Wise, Joyful, Patient, Relationally Oriented.

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