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Job Description

Eminence Christian Church in Eminence, Indiana, is a small congregation actively seeking a full-time Minister who will grow with our church family both spiritually and in numbers. Experience is helpful, but we are seeking God’s direction for the right person for the position.

The Ideal Candidate must be in love with Jesus. Must put Christ first, family second, and our church family third. Must lead their family well, and they must support his/her ministry. They would possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from one of the non-denominational Christian Church/Church of Christ Bible Colleges, believe the Bible to be inerrant Word of God, and possess the fruits of the Spirit. Thy would passionately lead and develop disciples for Christ. They must bed solidly based in Scripture. They should view the position as a calling and ministry not as just a “job”. They are self-motivated and present Biblically accurate sermons in an engaging manner. They should support the outreach programs of ECC including our Youth Group, Vacation Bible School, Church Camp program, Boy Scouts, Weekday Religious Education, Mission program, Christian College Scholarship program, Food Pantry, and others. They should be real and genuine, have a heart for people of all ages, and a willingness to lead others to Christ. Hospital and home-bound visits and funerals are all part of the position.

Salary and benefits are competitive and commensurate with experience, attitude, and ability. This is a rural community and a great place to live and raise a family.

If you feel you meet most of these guidelines, please, respond with a resume including references (which will be checked), a belief statement, and if possible, a sermon video. A brief personal introductory video would, also, be appreciated. Please send your information to: Eminence Christian Church, Pulpit Committee, P.O. Box 203, Eminence, IN 46125 or email

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