Website First Christian Church, Newburgh
Contact: Holly Gillespie · 812-858-5000

Position Objective: To provide pastoral leadership to the student ministries of FC Newburgh
Position Description:  The primary purpose of the Student Pastor/Director is to develop and implement a student ministry for 6th-12th grade that moves students from unbelief to belief in every area of life, including salvation in Jesus Christ, discipleship, serving, and evangelism (multiplication) through team strategy.

-Possesses a passionate heart for students and their families
-Has spiritual gifts of leadership, teaching, and administration
-Is an enthusiastic communicator of Biblical truths
-Is an experienced evangelist with a heart for spiritual formation, discipleship, and shepherding of students and families
-Is an influencer who thrives within a team environment; with the FC staff, the FC leadership, and volunteers
-Self-motivated and a self-starter
-Demonstrates a strong interpersonal and written communication skills
-Demonstrates wisdom and integrity with social media use

-To prioritize, facilitate, and complete projects with minimal input and oversight amid constantly changing circumstances and demands unique to student ministry
-To handle confidential matters and material
-To duplicate yourself through recruiting, training, and empowering ministry to others
-To be a team player who flexes and pivots

Primary Responsibilities:
-Shepherd and provide pastoral care for the students, student ministry teams, and families.
-Regularly cast and communicate vision, and provide leadership to ensure direction and development for student ministries which fulfills the mission/vision of FC.
-Lead the development/design, strategy, execution, and administration of student ministry including, but not limited to, outreach, discipleship, small group, large group, and other event experiences.
-Oversee early to late adolescent intentional curriculum for students.
-Recruit, train/equip, and empower leaders to be disciplers of students through team strategy.
-Reflect, evaluate and make recommendations for future development of the ministry.

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