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Job Description:
Pastor Candidate Preferred Qualifications:
● This is a full-time senior minister position.
● Consistent beliefs with the Bible and a committed personal relationship with Jesus Christ
● A servant leader with a team mentality that includes membership, volunteers, and staff
● Bible college degree or equivalent
● The ability to cast a vision and follow God’s direction to impact the church, local communities, and
through our missions – the world for Christ
● Accountable to the congregation through the elders
Who we are:
Roseville, IL is a community of about 1,000 in West Central Illinois. It is a rural agricultural area 20 miles
away from a state university. Roseville Christian Church believes the Word of God is fully God-breathed,
God-inspired, and without error. Our average attendance before the pandemic was 80-100. The
congregation is made up of people from surrounding communities as well. Roseville and the surrounding
area is a mission field, which we as a congregation are willing to help harvest. A full-time family life
minister was hired in August of 2020 to help with that mission. We also have a strong foreign and local
mission program that runs around $100,000.00.
● Regularly preach and teach the Word of God.
● Help plan the overall activities of the church and shepherd the flock through counseling, hospital
calls, and discipleship calls.
● Be visible in the community through school events, coffee shop, or community events.
● Be familiar with the financial aspect of the church.
● Provide guidance and support to the family life minister as well as the secretary and janitor.
● Officiate special services-weddings, funerals, and dedications.
● Salary will be consistent with the median income of our area.
● A parsonage is included.
Please provide the following to Duane Sheckler when applying:
● Resume, including references
● Cover letter
● Website links to samples of your preaching, if available.
*All application material will be kept confidential within the Pastor Search Team.
Duane Sheckler
195 124 St.
Avon, IL

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