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Full-Time Position

South Side Church of Christ is dedicated to the restoration of the Lord’s church to the first century doctrine in teaching and principles for living.

Desired skills:
Ordained evangelist
Preaching Skills
Bible Teaching Skills
Leadership Skills
Counseling Skills

The evangelist shall promote the growth and well being of South Side Church of Christ. He shall assist the congregation in carrying out the great commission. He shall encourage by word and example the work in missions, worship, and leadership of the church.

Desired Qualifications:
College education from a Bible College faithful to training students to restore the church according to the New Testament pattern.
Candidate should meet the qualifications for an evangelist as described in the epistles to Timothy and Titus.
Candidate should work in accordance to the New Testament directives, in cooperation with the eldership.
At least two years of ministerial experience is preferred.
Candidate should be able to organize and work with other people.

Responsible to the eldership of the church
Help maintain membership roster and baptism records
Visitation in hospitals, to the membership, to shut-ins, and new visitors
Provide counseling, as needed
Keep private record files for counseling
Promote Growth in the congregation – Galatians 5:22-24; I Peter 3:8-9
Regardless of time of day, be accessible to the congregation
Conduct and participate in two evening programs – Sunday evening and Wednesday evening Bible Study and Prayer meeting
Prepare and preach weekly Lord’s day sermons
Recognize and encourage, and assist in training young men in the congregation into ministry
Make regular reports at elders and deacons meeting, and attend meetings
Be available to attend other committee meetings as needed

Compensation and Vacation:
Evangelist will be paid weekly an amount agreed upon by the eldership and the evangelist
Paid vacation shall be two weeks (including two Sundays) per calendar year (14 days). If date of hire is after the first of July, one week (including one Sunday) for the remaining of the year (7 days).
Paid during absences to do evangelistic work, as approved by the eldership
No parsonage available

Send resume and sample sermon to:
Attention: Elders
South Side Church of Christ
611 South Forrest Street
Danville, IL 61832

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