Logos Bible Software

PMN 120-Introduction to Logos Bible Software

This course provides a hands-on approach in teaching skills necessary to utilize Logos Bible Software. This is a key prerequisite to all Bible courses.

Beginning Fall 2018, all incoming day students (full-time and part-time) will be required to purchase the discounted Logos package ($300) offered through SLCC.

Also, all of these students will automatically be enrolled in the 1 credit hour course described above. For Fall 2018, this course will be held for five weeks on Thursday evenings from 6:00-9:00 p.m. The dates are: Aug 23, 30 and Sept 6, 13, and 20.

Benefits Include

  • All Bible courses will include integration of Logos, which will enhance student learning.
  • All graduates of SLCC will get to take the Logos Bible software with them, which will enhance lifelong learning.
  • While students pay a one-time course fee of $300 to obtain Logos, students will see a reduction in the total books they purchase in SLCC Bible courses.
  • The Logos package our students receive contains over 300 resources. By comparison, the "Bronze" Logos package costs $472 and contains only 151 resources.
  • Logos is 100% web based, so students can access Logos from any computer. All features, however, are not accessible unless downloaded to a computer.

Some Things to Think About

  • Only SLCC graduates are allowed to take their Logos license with them. Thus, until graduation, students should think of this arrangement as a “rental” because all students who leave SLCC before graduation will forfeit the license given to them.
  • Being able to take a laptop to Bible courses will be very beneficial for students.


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