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Ministry Studies
(Online Asynchronous)


The online asynchronous program is for students who do not wish to study at predetermined times. “Asynchronous” learning takes place without real-time interaction and often appeals to the student with an unconventional work schedule. It may also be attractive to the student who can only find time without distraction late at night (“night owl”). In an asynchronous learning model, instruction takes place in many forms (e.g., pre-recorded videos). Furthermore, there is regular email communication with instructors, online discussion boards, and instructional materials that will enhance the student’s education.

Program Description

The Associate of Applied Science in Ministry Studies (AASMS) degree is designed to lay a biblical and academic foundation in preparation for further study at St. Louis Christian College. The AASMS consists of the first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry program but may be taken independently. Typically the AASMS student has taken little or no previous college work and is interested in a program that offers an attractive balance between courses in General Education, Biblical Studies, and Practical Ministry preparation. Prospective students are encouraged to consult the online SLCC College Catalog for detailed information regarding academic programs, institutional mission and profile, financial information, and other matters related to student success.

Career Opportunities

  • Campus Ministry
  • Church Camp Director
  • Missionary
  • Chaplain
  • Evangelist

What You Study

  • Life of Christ
  • Interpreting Biblical Literature
  • Ministry in the Local Church
  • Foundations of Christian Education
  • Christian Theology

Objectives for Graduates

  • The student will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and to think critically
  • The student will demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate biblical principles through the use of hermeneutics.
  • The student will demonstrate a growing ability to lead people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Degrees Offered

Associate of Applied Science

Program Contact Information

Professor Bill Thomas
Online Learning Coordinator

If you are considering working towards the Ministry Studies degree, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.

“I love the online program at SLCC! I was commissioned to move out of state, and because I was in the online program, I didn’t have to transfer credits and start fresh at a different school. What makes the online program great is the ability to go to classes around my schedule. The professors are awesome. When you need help, they are available to help you and answer your questions. The program is easy to maneuver, and has tools to help you do your class work. The learning platform also has a section for prayer requests, and you can chat with your classmates.”
DaNay Wilson