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Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Mission Statement

St. Louis Christian College prepares biblical servant leaders for urban, suburban, rural, and global ministry.

Core Values &
Institutional Goals

Each Core Value (“SLCC is committed to …”) is directly related to a measurable Institutional Goal (“… as evidenced by …”). The following are SLCC’s Core Values & Institutional Goals.

Biblical Education
SLCC is committed to biblical education as evidenced by maintaining a robust education in Bible that adheres to sound doctrine and the proper interpretation of Scripture in accordance with our Statement of Faith.
Christian Character
SLCC is committed to Christian character as evidenced by the College’s Guide to Student Life that promotes a godly lifestyle following the example of Christ and the teachings of the New Testament.
Christian Worldview
SLCC is committed to Christian worldview as evidenced by a curriculum that integrates Christian thought and life across a broad academic range.
Leadership Mentoring
SLCC is committed to leadership mentoring as evidenced by caring faculty and staff who invest in students and a curriculum that incorporates experiential learning which includes mentors and supervisors.
Institutional Excellence
SLCC is committed to institutional excellence as evidenced by maintaining an attractive physical environment, by providing reliable information, and by providing support services that support the learning experience.
Ministry Skills
SLCC is committed to developing ministry skills as evidenced by preparing students both academically and experientially to serve in the world for Christ.
Christian Community

SLCC is committed to Christian community as evidenced by providing a campus environment that encourages unity, spiritual formation, and growth.

Student Learning Objectives & Outcomes

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