Called to Serve Podcast 007: Dr. Richard Knopp, Professor at Lincoln Christian University

We are excited to bring you this conversation with Dr. Rich Knopp, Professor of Philosophy and Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL. Dr. Knopp is also the Coordinator for Room For Doubt, a grant-­funded program that seeks to create an atmosphere in which tough questions – even doubts – about the Christian faith can be openly expressed and discussed, without intimidation.

In addition, Dr. Knopp is the Program Director for WorldViewEyes, a program that has received over $1 million in grant funds to challenge youth to understand and embrace a Christian worldview.

As a graduate of SLCC, Dr. Knopp is a long-time friend of the college. In this interview, we explore his influences and background, and how those connect to SLCC. You’ll hear an amazing story about a particular Chapel service he experienced as a student, and how it changed the course of his life. Dr. Knopp also goes into detail about the Room for Doubt project and its impact on those both inside and outside the Christian faith.

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