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Spiritual Development

Spiritual Life

Every student is expected and encouraged to develop spiritually while at St. Louis Christian College. The entire College staff strives to be examples of faithful Christian living and to mentor students as they grow in Christ. There are many opportunities for such growth — chapel, Ministry Formation (Compass), missions interest groups, fellowship, worship in the area churches, classroom instruction, as well as being a part of a Christian community. The real development will come, however, through personal prayer and study of God’s Word.


Christ-Centered Diversity

We strive to reflect God’s heart for diversity at SLCC, not only because St. Louis is a melting pot for many nationalities, but because God values every person. At SLCC you will find a welcoming group of students, faculty and staff who long to reflect God’s heart for an ever-diverse world.


A private, personal worship time is vital to spiritual growth and development. We encourage students to set aside a definite time each day to go apart from everyone else for personal Bible study and prayer. Dormitory and small group devotions are held in each residence hall on a regular basis. The schedule is determined by the Resident Assistants and the Residence Directors. Plan to take part in these devotions.


One of the highlights of student life is the opportunity to worship in chapel twice a week. The campus gathers on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:25 AM to sing, fellowship, and hear a powerful message. Chapel services also frequently feature other programming such as special prayer time, testimonials, and special speakers.

Chapel attendance is required because St. Louis Christian College desires to produce not just academic excellence, but Christ-likeness. Designed to encourage and strengthen Christian character, the chapel program is carried out to develop well-prepared servants for Christ — men and women who not only have the training for ministry, but also the heart for ministry.

Chapel is on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:25. Our chapel schedule for Spring 2022 can be found here. You can also access our chapel from a distance on our Facebook page. 

Ministry Formation (Compass)

Preparation for ministry is based on a two-fold approach at St. Louis Christian College.  We are committed to providing the highest quality classroom instruction possible.  At the same time, we ensure that each student, whether intending to be involved in vocational ministry or not, also integrates practical field experience into his or her education.  Compass is designed to serve as a necessary complement to the classroom instruction of students. Compass provides a coordinated structure in which students are involved in meaningful spiritual formation and ministry experiences. The primary objective of the program is that students glorify God by ministering among believers and nonbelievers both within and outside the campus community.

Compass consists of four separate areas of development in the lives of students.  The program can be understood by orienting to a compass:

  • North represents “nurture” (students are encouraged to join family groups)
  • South represents “service” (students participate in Lab Week each Spring)
  • East represents “educate” (students attend workshops each semester:  International Conference on Missions (ICOM) & Boatman Leadership Intensive)
  • West represents “worship” (students attend and participate in both chapel and a local church)

Participation in Compass is required for graduation. Students register for Compass each term on a Pass/Fail basis and are regularly enrolled until graduation requirements are met. Students are evaluated in each of the developmental areas and must meet attendance requirements. Specific information about Compass, including course requirements, is published in the Compass course syllabus and is available at any time from the Compass Office.


There are many ways to grow in your faith when a part of our campus community.

Family Groups – All day students are invited to join a family group led by one of our faculty staff. These family groups meet monthly to spend time together and create a smaller ongoing community for the student. Throughout the year the family groups join together for larger campus life events.

Dorm Devotions – For the dorm students, there are weekly dorm devotions where students take turns sharing from the Word and encouraging each other.

Mentoring – While not formally arranged, many of the faculty and staff offer their time and wisdom for any student seeking advise and mentoring.

Area Churches

Students at St. Louis Christian College are blessed by an abundance of healthy, vibrant churches in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. You are expected to attend church worship services regularly, and we encourage you to get involved with a body of believers during your time at SLCC.

We encourage you to check out any of these St. Louis area churches: