Urban Missions


Program Description

St. Louis Christian College partners with Studies in Urban Ministries (sumstudies.org) to offer a robust Urban Missions degree. Students will spend the Fall semester of their senior year participating in an intercultural field experience in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Working in cooperation with the Urban Hope Training Center in Kensington Philadelphia, students will have the unique opportunity of living, learning, and growing inside of a cross cultural environment.
  • Numerous day trips are scheduled to world class cities such as New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore and more.
  • Participants are mentored by experienced urban leaders, living in the inner city. This directional guidance empowers participants to gain skills in contact making, outreach, discipleship and teaching in a cross-cultural setting.

Career Opportunities

  • Urban Non-Profit & Church Ministry
  • Cross-cultural Church Planting
  • Youth Services & Programming
  • Urban and Regional Planning & Development

What You Study

  • Foundations of Urban Ministry
  • Cross Cultural Youth Ministries
  • Community Development
  • Crisis Counseling & Intervention
  • The Drug Culture, Street Life & Addictions

Objectives for Graduates

Through both classroom and field experiences, students will:

  • Understand biblical and other foundational elements basic to urban ministry
  • Demonstrate interpersonal relationship skills of relating to and working in harmony with people
  • Understand programming and teaching methods appropriate to urban ministry
  • Be equipped to initiate and administrate an effective urban ministry that connect families, the local church, and the community to meet the spiritual needs of the city

Degrees Offered

If you are considering working towards the Urban Missions degree, ask an Admissions team representative for more information.